Custom Wood Burned Signs Gallery

Custom wood burned signs are quickly becoming my favorite order from customers.  I enjoy being able to work with your ideas and come up with a sign that you absolutely love.  After going over a few options I create your sign in my photo software and then send you a copy or proof of what the sign will look like.  This is where we tweak it and I incorporate any suggestions and changes you want made.  I’ll work with you until we get it right and then I get to work on making the sign.  My process starts with the tree.  My husband cuts down the trees, I saw them on our mill, and then sticker and stack them to dry.  Once dry, I cut the board to the specific size you want and then plane it.  Then I sand, and in most cases router the edge of the sign.  After that it’s transposing your idea onto the sign, wood burning it, and then the finish with a sealer and protector from UV rays and mildew.  Depending on how you are going to hang it I will also pre-drill for the screws and provide you with the screws and plugs to hide the screw holes.